Snuna Exchange (Animated)

The 2010 snuna_exchange Gift List!

Dear Members and Watchers,

I hope that you enjoyed the 2010 run of the snuna_exchange!

Participants, you have my thanks for producing some lovely gifts; reviewers, you have my thanks for encouraging the participants; and camillo1978, chazpure, curia_regis, psyfic, and zephre, you have my thanks for stepping in to pinch-hit—and in zephre's case, pinch-hitting so that chazpure and psyfic would receive a gift for participating in the exchange. *hugs all of you*

Now, the time has come to reveal the identities of the creators who have given us so much pleasure. *drumroll* Here it is, the Collapse )
Snuna Exchange

GIFT: Stir Anti-Clockwise (G), for cathedralcarver

Title: Stir Anti-Clockwise
Artist: camillo1978
Beta Viewer: iulia_linnea
Recipient: cathedralcarver
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
Recipient's Prompt: Luna and Snape brewing up a storm in Potions class (Prompt Three).
Summary: Snape whispers instructions. Luna pays careful attention.

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Snuna Exchange

GIFT: Moon Frog Soup (PG-13), for bethbethbeth

Title: Moon Frog Soup (Omit the Shrivelfigs, Mandrake Noses, and Bowtruckle Fingernails)
Author: leela_cat
Beta Readers: iulia_linnea and eeyore9990
Recipient: bethbethbeth
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Child abuse occurs off-screen.
Recipient's Prompt: Luna is taken on as an assistant at an odd, out-of-the-way shop owned by a woman named Eileen Prince (Prompt Four).
Summary: Princely Things was more than just a shop. It was also Eileen Prince's way of helping some of the children who couldn't help themselves.

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Snuna Exchange

GIFT: Sleeping Beauty (PG-13), for eeyore9990

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Author: shiv5468
Beta Reader: scatteredlogic
Recipient: eeyore9990
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
Recipient's Prompt: Disney princess fic--with a twist. Snape is the princess and Luna is the dashing hero. Bonus for Snape being bothered by twittering birds and singing mice. :D (Prompt One.)
Summary: Some day your dreams may just come true. Just hope they haven't been choreographed by Walt.

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Snuna Exchange

GIFT: Safe as Houses (PG), for iulia_linnea

Title: Safe as Houses: A Wizard's Guide to Home Repair
Author: bethbethbeth
Beta Reader: femmequixotic
Recipient: iulia_linnea
Rating: PG
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Nothing to speak of, apart from a touch of meta.
Recipient's Prompt: After months of searching, Luna and Severus purchase a lovely old home that Luna adores; upon moving in, however, Severus is forced to accept that the house despises him. How does he solve the mystery of this animus without destroying the house or his relationship with Luna? (Prompt One.)
Summary: For Luna, it was love at first sight, but Severus took quite a bit longer to learn how to love.

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Snuna Exchange

GIFT: The Path Less Travelled (G), for leela_cat

Title: The Path Less Travelled
Artist: pythia_delphi
Beta Viewer: alienor77310
Recipient: leela_cat
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
Recipient's Prompt: A picture from my snuna_exchange story of last year - The Tao of Wands (Prompt Two).
Summary: This illustration was inspired by the description of the first time Severus and Luna meet in 'The Tao of Wands.' This takes place in front of Luna's characteristically odd-looking house in some overgrown woods. I have, however, taken a few liberties in the composition and details. Please do read this charming story written by leela_cat and you'll hopefully understand where I'm coming from. The title of the picture is taken from a line spoken by Luna in the fic.

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